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The Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA) uses self-assessments of the office workstation to prioritize areas of highest risk within your company, then provides detailed descriptions on how to adjust existing furniture, or what new equipment can be brought in to ease the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. The goal of ROSA is to put the control of the ergonomic intervention and accommodation process into your hands. Using the ROSA online application at your workplace can reduce the risk of MSDs by training your employees on how to adjust their existing furniture, and will provide you with ergonomic furniture recommendations for individual workstations where workers are experiencing high levels of discomfort and are exposed to ergonomic risk factors.

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About ROSA

"ROSA: The Rapid Office Strain Assessment - Development and Evaluation of an Office Ergonomic Checklist" was recently published in the academic journal "Applied Ergonomics". The findings of this study indicated that office workstations with ROSA final scores of 5 or greater were at higher risk of discomfort. The study recommended that offices with increased risk factors should be evaluated further for methods to eliminate these factors. Take a ROSA assessment today to see how your office stacks up.

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